• Flying high - Nadcap composites accreditation programme

    The Nadcap composites accreditation programme is designed to provide continual improvement within the aerospace and automotive industries by using a process of specific job audits to gain from global industry knowledge.
  • Lighter, stronger and cheaper - the use of composites in the transport sector

    Lightweight composites applications are reviewed for the automotive, marine, railway locomotive and aerospace industries. Materials include reinforced thermoplastics, long-fibre composites, sheet moulding compounds, alumina trihydrate formulations, fire-resistant thermoset resins and carbon fibre composites.
  • A model of strength - designing composite structures for energy absorption

    Design issues are discussed in relation to modelling studies carried out the University of Limerick for two EU Framework projects on aircraft component design. The studies examined the energy absorption and damage behaviour of a helicopter subfloor structure and a continuum damage mechanics approach to modelling leading edge wing structures.
  • Mounting tension - composites for automotive engine mountings

    Students on an Advanced Materials course at Cranfield University, UK, have developed a solution for the automotive industry that reduces weight, lowers fuel costs and reduces carbon emissions, by using alternative materials for engine mountings.
  • Black magic - the materials science application of abradable coatings

    The Surface Engineering Group at Rolls-Royce, has developed a freestanding coating test process. This method for producing thermally sprayed coating data is designed to show how materials science can be applied to the 'black art' of abradable coatings.
  • The crucible - Modern crucible design

    There are many factors involved in the design and production of modern versions of crucibles, used for the holding and melting of metals in the casting industry. Today's vessels are made from highly complex composite materials using specific metallurgical treatments and different alloy/temperature combinations.