World Lecture Competition

The Young Persons’ World Lecture Competition (YPWLC) has been organised and held annually by the Institute of Materials, Minerals and Mining since 2005.

The competition is an extension of the UK Young Persons' Lecture Competition, and is organised by the Younger Members' Committee. The winner of the UK national Young Persons' Lecture Competition represents the UK at the World Final, which each year is held in a different location around the globe.

In 2016, the final will be held in Araxa, Brazil in October and will be sponsored by CBMM and supported by Rolls-Royce.


2016 competition finalists

The following are winners of the Young Persons' Lecture Competition final in their respective countries and will take part in the Young Persons' World Lecture Competition in Brazil in October 2016.

Follow the links to find out more about each of the finalists:

Colleen Mann, UK
In the Bin for 100,000 Years: An Intergenerational Burden

Isabella Vasconcelos Joviano dos Santos, Brazil
Block Copolymers Self-assembly: Structurally Controlled Materials Directing Future Energy Applications

Harry Sze, Hong Kong
Micro-mechanic Behaviour of Sand Particles

Li (Alan) Zhong, Singapore
Artificial Corneal Implants: A Brighter Future with Advanced Bioceramics

Hoy (Vincent) Chun Wai, Malaysia
Nanocellulose: Nature's Answer to Energy Poverty

Jean Potgieter, South Africa
Effects of Compaction on Lateral Earth Pressure

Daniel Sully, Australia
Mt Percy Gold Deposit: The Role and Significance of Porphyry Intrusions in The Gold Mineralisation Process

Hannah Little, Ireland
Bone Scaffolds for the Regeneration of Critical Sized Defects: A 3D-Printing Approach Using Tailored Materials

Trevor Clark, United States
Iron-Silicon Bulk Nanocrystalline Soft Magnetic Material