PVC 2011

12 Apr 2011 - 14 Apr 2011

Organised by IOM Communications Ltd on behalf of the Polymer Society, a division of the Institute of Materials, Minerals and Mining.



PVC 2011 Brighton Conference will disclose the new ten year voluntary programme of the European PVC industry

The opening plenary session of PVC 2011 on 12th April promises to be a highly significant day in the continuing sustainable development of PVC with a keynote address from The Natural Step (TNS) and the first announcement by the European PVC industry on plans for its next ten year voluntary programme building on Vinyl 2010 achievements.
Successful sustainable development is linked to the business picture and delegates will be updated on the Global Business Outlook by Vinyl’s business leaders from around the world, which will include a paper from Chemical Market Associates Inc (CMAI). 

On Days 2 and 3 (13th and 14th April) around fifty exclusive papers will be presented with two sessions focussing on the latest developments in Formulations covering Additives and Flexibles, with other sessions concentrating on Polymerisation, Processing and Properties, Sustainability and Rigid Profile and Sheet.

PVC 2011 is arranged by PVC professionals for the PVC industry and organised by IOM Communications Ltd on behalf of the Polymer Society, a division of the Institute of Materials, Minerals and Mining and the British Plastics Federation.

The event is supported by the European Council of Vinyl Manufacturers, Vinyl 2010, the Society of Plastics Engineers, the Materials Knowledge Transfer Network and the Packaging and Films Association.


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Keynote: Vinyl 2010 - Industry Re-invented for a Sustainable Future
Josef Ertl (Vinyl 2010 Chairman, Vinnolit GmbH & Co KG, Germany)

Keynote: Sustainable Development More about Competence than Values
(1.8MB PDF)
Karl-Henrik Robèrt (The Natural Step)

PVC: Regional Polymer in a Global Market?
Michael D. Smith (CMAI, Germany)

PVC Market Opportunities and Threats - European Perspective
(2.95MB PDF)
Geir Tuft (INEOS ChlorVinyls) Jason Leadbetter

An Overview on Market and Development of Paste PVC Business
Jürgen Luderer (Vinnolit GmbH & Co KG, Germany)

Opportunities & Challenges in the Emerging Indian PVC Markets - 2011 and Beyond
(3.03MB PDF)
Shivprasad Naik (Reliant Industries Ltd, India)

Business Outlook in North America
Richard Krock (The Vinyls Institute, USA)

Hope and Hype: When Science Hits the Headlines
Tom Sheldon (Science Media Centre, UK)

Essentials for Children: Low Cost Alternatives
Maggie Black (UNICEF, The Netherlands)

Educating Architects - a UK Approach
(1.96MB PDF)
Philip Law (British Plastics Federation, UK)

PVC and the London Olympics: Myths, Facts and Perceptions
(4.33MB PDF)
Jo Carris (MustR+D, UK. Formerly Olympic Delivery Authority's Sustainability Team, UK)


Improving PVC Paste Formulations by a Novel Extender Resin
(1.48MB PDF)
Florian Seeliger (Vinnolit GmbH & Co KG, Germany)

Evaluation of Processing Performance of Bio-based Plasticisers in Paste PVC Applications
(1.12MB PDF)
Daniel Martinz, Luc Matthysen (SolVin SA, Belgium)

Evaluation of Properties of Bio-based Plasticisers in P-PVC Applications
(647KB PDF)
Luc Matthysen (SOLVIN SA, Belgium)

How to Select the Right Plasticisers?
Jochen Wagner (BASF SE, Germany)

The Use of non-ortho-Phthalates in Formulating Resilient Floor Applications
Martin Stimpson, Mark Holt, C Hermans (Eastman Chemical Company, USA)

Cost-effective Plasticizer Systems with Superior Properties
(1.67MB PDF)
Hasan Kaytan,(ISP Global Technologies Deutschland GmbH, Germany) Martin Bonnet (Cologne University of Applied Sciences, Germany)

Plasticisers - an Update
Maggie Saykali (ECPI - European Council for Plasticisers and Intermediaries, Belgium)

Meeting Challenges in the PVC Flooring Industry in 2016
Giuseppe Spina (Baerlocher Italia Spa, Italy) Gwyn Pickering (Danisco A/S, Denmark)

Chlorinated Paraffins: Plasticiser/Flame Retardants - a Fresh Look
(415KB PDF)
Roger Motram, Chris Howick (INEOS ChlorVinyls, UK)


RecofloorTM the Vinyl Take Back Scheme - Addressing the Challenges of Collecting Post Consumer Vinyl Flooring
(3.68MB PDF)
Jane Gardner (Axion Consulting on behalf of Recofloor, UK)

Vinyloop®, a New Way to Develop Sustainable Business for PVC Composite Materials
(2.36MB PDF)
Richard Thommeret (SolVin, Belgium)

Vinyl 2010. Looking Back Proudly on Ten Years of Achievements
Brigitte Dero, Eric Criel (European Council of Vinyl Manufacturers (ECVM), Belgium)

Progress in Reducing the Environmental Impact of PVC Manufacturing
Arjen Sevenster (European Council of Vinyl Manufacturers (ECVM), Belgium)

Sustainability - the Holistic Approach
(2.29MB PDF)
Bernhard Pelzl, Alexander Hofer (Chemson Polymer-Additive AG, Austria) Henk Huisman (Chemson GmbH, Germany) Greg Harrison

(Chemson Pacific Pty Ltd, Australia)

How Plastics Converters and Recyclers are Coping with REACH
Walter Claes (EuPC, Belgium)

The Use of PVC in Food Contact Applications - Updated Status of EU Legislation
(1.68MB PDF)
Cristina Costa (CIRES, Lda, Portugal) Catherine Michel (Shin-Etsu PVC BV, Belgium)

Sustainability in Turkish PVC Stabiliser Industry - One Vision
(345KB PDF)
Michael Schiller, Çagan Heris (Akdeniz Kimya Sanayi ve Tic AS, Turkey)

Technology for Retrieving Energy by Decomposing PVC and Other Hallogen Content Polymer Waste
Adam Balogh, Viktor Csókai (Plastenegro Ltd, Hungary)


Continuous and long Fibres Composites Open New Opportunities for PVC
(817KB PDF)
Claudine Bloyaert (Solvin SA,  Belgium)

PVC Composites - The Next Generation of Building Materials
Raf Bussels, Philippe Gabriëls, Hans Spijkerman (Tessenderlo Group, Belgium)

Physical Ageing of uPVC Gas and Water Pipes
(399KB PDF)
Frans Scholten, Mannes Wolters (Kiwa Gas Technology BV, The Netherlands)

The Future of Tin Stabilisers in PVC Applications: Update After Tier 1 Reach Registration
Alain Cavallero, Brigitte Dero (European Stabiliser Producers Association (ESPA), Belgium)

An Original Process for the Production of PVC Honeycomb
(1.8MB PDF)
Dominique Grandjean (Solvay,  Belgium)

Latest State of PVC Compounding using 4-Flight Kneader Systems
Andreas Rieck, Takao Shimada, Hans-Ulrich Siegenthaler/ (Buss AG, Switzerland)

Wood/PVC Composites: Structure-Properties Relationships
Alexia Balamoutoff, Claire Barres, Catherine Gauthier, N Godin, J Adrien (INSA-Lyon, France) Philippe Hajji (ARKEMA, France

Influence of Molecular Weight on the Properties of Molecularly Oriented PVC
(754KB PDF)
Joel Fumire (SOLVIN, Belgium)

Supercritical Fluid-assisted Processing of uPVC
F Kusmanto, M Billham, Peter Hornsby (Queen's University Belfast, UK)

PVC/O-MMT/Metallic Oxides Nanocomposites: Fire and Smoke Behaviour
Antonio Rodolfo Jr (Braskem S/A, Brazil) Lucia Mei (State University of Campinas, Brazil)

Synthesis of Novel Hydrotalcite Clays as Stabilisers for Poly(vinyl chloride)
(3.33MB PDF)
F Papini (Sheffield Hallam University, UK) Noreen Thomas (Loughborough University, UK)

Investigation of Precipitated Calcium Carbonate as a Processing Aid and Impact Modifier in Ca/Zn Stabilised PVC-U
(1.68MB PDF)
Anne Fernando (RENOLIT Cramlington Limited, UK) Noreen Thomas (Loughborough University, UK)

Keeping you cool - Infrared Reflective Pigments for Heat Management
(1.17MB PDF)
Nigel Smith (Shepherd Color International Inc, Belgium)

A Novel Approach Towards Tin Stabilisation in Rigid PVC: Mono Octyl Tin Stabilisers
(1.24MB PDF)
Anne Chabrol, Isabelle Tartarin (ARKEMA, France)

How Hydrotalcites Function as PVC Secondary Stabilisers
Marianne Gilbert, Kok Chin Ho, David Hitt (Loughborough University, UK) Domogoj Vrsaljko (University of Zagreb, Croatia)

Developments in PVC stabilisation to meet increasingly challenging regulatory, performance and commercial constraints
(1.63MB PDF)
Thomas Hopfmann, Johannes Kaufhold, Karl Josef Kuhn,  (GALATA Chemicals GmbH, Germany)


Production of Suspension PVC Nanocomposites In-situ. Pilot Plant Trials
Maria Obloj-Muzaj, Agnieszka Abramowicz (Industrial Chemistry Research Institute, Warsaw, Poland) Jiri Domlatil, Otto

Skala, Zdenek Novak, Ivan Koubek (Spolana as, Czech Republic), Miroslaw Bas (Anwil SA, Poland)

Further Developments in Four Years of Commercial Experience with Continuous Initiator Dosing (CiD)
Koen Vanduffel (AkzoNobel Functional Chemicals, The Netherlands)

"Dry Foam" Prevention in Suspension Polymerisation Processes
(1.68MB PDF)
Roland Sucker (Evonik Goldschmidt GmbH, Germany)

Controlled Radical Polymerization of Vinyl Chloride: a First Step Toward a New PVC?
(560KB PDF)
Vincent Bodart (Solvay Vinyls Research & Technology, Belgium)

A PVC Pilot Plant and its Role in Customer Support, and the Development of Novel Polyvinyl Alcohols
Peter Shaw, W A Turner, H J Comerford (Synthomer Ltd, UK)

New Solutions for Improved Quality PVC Resins
(354KB PDF)
Isabelle Tartarin, Sophie Caminade, A Wiart, C Bonardi (ARKEMA, France)

Morphology of PVC Produced by the Non-aqueous Polymerisation of Vinyl Chloride
(876KB PDF)
Stella Georgiadou, Noreen Thomas, Marianne Gilbert, BW Brooks (Loughborough University, UK)

A Study into the Mechanism of Grafting of Suspending Agents in PVC Polymerisation
A Visentini, P Ferguson, R Harvey (INEOS Technologies, Vinyls R&D)
G Licini, G Gottardo (University of Padua, Italy)


Toner Pigments for White PVC-Profiles With or Without Recyclate - A Toner Kit to Practice Exact Color Adjustment
(965KB PDF)
Josef Kuchler (Farbenwerke Wunsiedel GmbH, Germany)

Formulation and Processing Relationships in PVC for Foam Extrusion
(578KB PDF)
Bernard Cora (Rohm and Haas Europe Services ApS, France)

Wider Processing Window for Lead-free Profile Extrusion
(589KB PDF)
Çagan Heris, Michael Schiller (Akdeniz Kimya San ve Tic AS, Turkey)

Mechanism and Efficient Reduction of Photo Effects in Stabilisation of Profiles
Bernhard Pelzl (Chemson Polymer-Additive AG, Austria) Henk Huisman (Chemson GmbH, Germany)

Embracing Changes in Stabiliser Systems for PVC Sheet
Nino Mann (Reagens (UK) Limited, UK)

Core Injected Recyclate in PVC-U Window Profiles
(467KB PDF)
Martin Althorpe (Spectus Window Systems, UK)

How to Improve the Cost/Performance Balance of PVC Window Profiles
(1.64MB PDF)
Philippe Hajji (ARKEMA, France)

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