About the Western Australia Branch

The Institute of Materials, Minerals and Mining (IOM3) Western Australia (WA) Branch represents local members of the IOM3 and organizes networking and professional development events in the region.

The WA branch meets once per month at the Celtic Club, West Perth and also holds other events throughout the year, including a Christmas and Easter Dinner and usually a site visit or two.

As the only “local” branch in Australia, the WA branch also organizes some national events, such as the Australian Young Persons Lecture Competition

The WA branch also hosted the IOM3 World Young Persons Lecture Competition in Perth in 2017.

In the near future we will begin running a series of technical talks, in addition to our other events.

If you would like to become involved please contact society chairperson, Nick Hunt-Davies: nick@nhdith.com


How it all began

"The Local Branch" (as it was back then) was established on Thursday 19th January 1989, with W.P.H. (Peter) Parkinson as Chairman and E.R. (Evan) Biggs and Honorary Secretary.

The stated aim was the exchange of ideas and news between the IOM3 members in Western Australia. The intention was to meet one evening every three months in Perth at a convenient location.

The convenient location, for most meetings, turned out to be the Celtic Club in West Perth. An occasional daytime meeting (or usually lunch) was held with partners as a social event.