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We often hear that delivering a low-carbon and resource efficient society requires us all to pull together – achieving net-zero and a circular economy will be the sum of multiple parts.

In this issue we learn how the steel and brick industries have compared their respective high-temperature processes to identify ways to increase waste heat recovery, deliver energy savings and reduce carbon emissions. The results of the project, part funded by Innovate UK, are wide reaching, having been shared across the two sectors to include 40 brick kilns and 20 steel reheat furnaces.

Meanwhile, in our featured profile we find out how industrial waste from another sector can be reused in construction. Professor Veena Sahjwalla of the University of New South Wales in Australia elaborates on the potential of ‘microfactories’ to turn waste products into new and usable resources, while supporting local economies. Each module of the factory represents a different function and pays homage to the collaborative ethos required at the heart of a sustainable future. She draws on her Mumbai roots, where ‘you wouldn’t even think about throwing away your old pair of shoes, because the normal thing to do is to repair them’.

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