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In this sustainability themed issue, our contributors are all striving in their own ways to discard the notion of ‘waste’ – be it of materials or energy – and the associated throwaway behaviours, and instead moving towards a wholesale shift in mindset that seeks ‘value’ and resource and energy efficiency.

In an article from Dr Danielle Densley Tingley, of the University of Sheffield, UK, she notes, “The circular economy aims to retain materials at the highest value possible, for as long as possible. For the construction sector, this means building retention, retrofit and repurposing is central to a circular approach.”

IOM3 CEO Colin Church FIMMM echoes Tingley’s view. He says, “What materials we use, where and how we get them, how we use them and what we do with them once they have been used are therefore questions that are fundamental to the intertwined set of issues around resource efficiency, circular economy and decarbonisation. And of course, this is where IOM3 and its members come in”. With respect to decarbonisation, Institute members offer pan-material and cross-sector perspectives of the UK Government’s Industrial Decarbonisation Strategy in our special report. We hope you enjoy this issue.

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