10 May 2024
by Sarah Morgan

World’s largest polymer 3D printer

The University of Maine, USA, has unveiled the world’s largest polymer 3D printer.

The Guinness World Record breaking polymer 3D printer. © The University of Maine

The University has surpassed its own 2019 Guinness World Record for the largest polymer 3D printer.

The next-generation printer is four times larger than its predecessor. 

The University say the thermoplastic polymer printer is designed to print objects as large as nearly 3,000cm long by 975cm wide by nearly 550cm high, and can print up to 226kg of material per hour.

They say it offers new opportunities for eco-friendly and cost-effective manufacturing for numerous industries, including national security, affordable housing, bridge construction, ocean and wind energy technologies and maritime vessel fabrication.

The design and fabrication of this printer and hybrid manufacturing system was made possible with support from the Office of the Secretary of Defense through the US Army Corps of Engineers. 

The University says the printer dynamically switches between various processes such as large-scale additive manufacturing, subtractive manufacturing, continuous tape lay-up and robotic arm operations.

It will be used to advance various initiatives, including the development of bio-based feedstocks from wood residuals abundant in Maine, and will advance the creation of sustainable, affordable housing.

It will also be used for lightweight, rapidly deployable structures and vessel technologies.


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