3 November 2022
by Hassan Akhtar

Updated plastic sorting and reprocessing report

RECOUP’s 2022 report is on sorting and reprocessing plastics.

Plastics resource and recycling charity, RECOUP, has published it’s 2022 update of UK Plastic Packaging Sorting and Reprocessing Infrastructure.

Plastic bottles
© Nick Fewings/Unsplash

The report finds that there is a need to increase the current recycling infrastructure by five times for household-like plastic packaging and nine times for food grade plastic packaging.

RECOUP emphasises the need for investment in the right areas of the reform of the Extended Producer Responsibility.

Steve Morgan, Head of Policy and Infrastructure, says, “I’m afraid we might let slip this perfect opportunity to channel appropriate funding into the high impact areas that could transform the UK’s infrastructure capabilities. Effective collection and material sorting to deliver high quality recycling outputs is essential, but we are at risk around not supporting the reprocessing sector. The capacity to produce the final raw materials to enable a circular economy to exist will just not be in place.”


Hassan Akhtar