16 November 2023
by Hassan Akhtar

University of Edinburgh, UK, launches artificial intelligence laboratory

The initiative aims to develop techniques for generative artificial intelligence (AI) in robotics, drug discovery and semiconductors, among other areas.

© Unsplash/Steve Johnson

The Generative AI Laboratory (GAIL) is set up to develop safe solutions and systems for use in public and private sectors. The University’s Centre for Technomoral Futures will also research the ethical, legal and regulatory frameworks surrounding AI.

Generative AI is a form of machine learning used to generate content like text, images, audio, video and computer code. ChatGPT is a form of this AI and progress in the field has been swift in recent months.

The University hosts the supercomputer, ARCHER2, and is soon to have a next-generation supercomputer, the Exascale.

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Hassan Akhtar