12 January 2023
by Hassan Akhtar

Tyre recycling on a commercial scale

Murfitts Industries (UK) and ETIA (France) have agreed a commercial solution for recycling post-consumer tyres recovering some of their raw material.

© Enis Yavuz/Unsplash

Trials consistently produced recovered carbon black (rCB) with properties greater than the virgin material it replaces. The technology was provided by ETIA and tested by Murfitts, focusing on feeding the rCB back into the manufacturing of new tyres.

The tests also produced pyrolytic oil and syngas by-products, which can be used as low-carbon fuel.

‘We can deliver a clean sustainable process which generates its own energy to recover valuable raw materials and make significant carbon savings compared to virgin sources’ says Mark Murfitt, Managing Director of Murfitts Industries.



Hassan Akhtar