19 November 2021
by Andrea Gaini

Wellsite processing solution reduces carbon emissions of drilling operations

Specialist drilling waste management company, TWMA, says its wellsite processing solution has been proven to reduce the carbon emissions of drilling operations by 50%.

© Maria Lupan/Unsplash

The company is set to present a technical paper at a ADIPEC session hosted by the Society of Petroleum Engineers (SPE) during the conference. The paper, which was co-authored by DNV, will detail the key benefits of its low carbon drilling solutions

With sustainability and net-zero targets at the top of the industry agenda, TWMA is poised to further support customers to improve their environmental performance. The TCC RotoMill wellsite processing solution allows drilling waste to be processed at the source, eliminating the requirement to ship drilling waste long distances for treatment. It is claimed that the process significantly lowers carbon emissions, reduces well cost, and improves safety performance.


Andrea Gaini