22 May 2023
by Alex Brinded

Tracking of critical raw materials in batteries

KPMG forms alliance with Circulor to track raw materials in product lifecycles.

The solution is reportedly designed to meet forthcoming regulation such as those for EU batteries. © john_cameron / unsplash

The package from KPMG and Circulor - which offers a value chain traceability solution - is to trace, monitor, and control critical raw materials through their battery and industrial value chains - from extraction to the end of life.

The 'digital battery passport' solution from Circulor tracks the physical flow of raw materials through the lifecycle, which the company says facilitates recovery and recycling efforts, and is designed to comply with upcomiong EU regulations.

Founded in the UK in 2017, Circulor says it attributes to the product itself environmental, social and governance qualifications, Scope 1, 2 and 3 emissions, as well as other data inputs required for the EU Battery Regulation and the US Clean Vehicle Tax Credit.

KPMG Sweden Sustainability Advisory Director Tim Gore says, 'Full traceability of raw materials is the key to building sustainable and circular battery value chains, to securing scarce supplies and winning the race to net zero. The lessons learned in batteries can be applied to every other industrial sector facing sustainability challenges and rising competition for raw materials.'


Alex Brinded

Staff Writer