21 March 2023
by Alex Brinded

The Sustainable Apparel Coalition launches membership

The membership is for companies with more than US$100mln to encourage sustainability to become part of their company operations.

© parkerburchfield / unsplash

Based in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, and Hong Kong, the Sustainable Apparel Coalition(SAC) is a global alliance for the consumer goods induistry with more than 280 brands, retailers, manufacturers, NGO and associations - making up about half of the apparel and footwear industry.

The Candidate membership model will apparently offer an insight on being a full SAC member and provide a benchmark for companies to measure their sustainability goals against the SAC and its membership.

The SAC says that businesses will have access to the SAC membership community, the Higg Platform and all five Higg Index tools that assess social and environmental performance of the value chain and products. 

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Alex Brinded

Staff Writer