15 April 2021

The Hydrogen Economy

View this on-demand webinar which took place on Thursday 15 April 2021

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The webinar looks at the potential and challenges presented by the use of hydrogen as an alternative energy source to fossil fuels.

  • Opening and closing remarks
    Dr Kate Thornton
  • The development of hydrogen as a strategic decarbonised energy carrier
    Baroness Brown of Cambridge, Deputy Chair, Climate Change Committee
  • The green hydrogen revolution
    Dr Graham Cooley, Chief Executive Officer, ITM Power
  • Investing in the hydrogen economy
    Richard Oblath, Chair, IOM3 Energy Transition Group
    [email protected]
  • Panel discussion on the challenges and opportunities for the materials sector:
    • Panel Chair: Professor David Knowles, Chief Executive Officer, Royce Institute
      [email protected]
    • Chris McDonald, Chief Executive Officer, Materials Processing Institute
      [email protected]
    • Dr Christine Pout, Principal Consultant: Net Zero Solutions BREEAM, BRE
      [email protected]
    • Jon Maddy, Director, University of South Wales' Hydrogen R&D Centre
    • Dr William Joyce, Innovation Technologist (Innovation Lead), Innovate UK
      [email protected]