Taking Rocks into the Cloud

Find out how Zeiss are bringing Petrography into the Digital Age | INFORM on demand


In this webinar, Matthew Andrew, PhD discusses how to bring petrography – the art and science of looking at rock thin sections – into the digital era.

This allows for the digitisation of historic or teaching collections, complete with online visualisation and distribution (enabling virtual teaching) and the automated mineralogical and crystallographic quantification & analysis of resulting data through the use of integrated computer vision techniques.

This webinar will cover some key learnings, including:

  • Digitise complete petrographic information from massive sample collections at unprecedented speed

  • Revolutionise quantitative petrography with machine learning on large datasets
  • Collaborate without borders with a unique virtual microscopy platform

Who is the webinar aimed at?

This webinar is aimed at those who have some knowledge and interest in Geoscience


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