27 June 2024
by Hassan Akhtar AIMMM

Survey highlights construction worker burnout

A survey in the Vitality report found of 4,000 workers 13% in construction have experienced burnout. In an economic slowdown context.

© Unsplash/Shivendu Shukla

Although recovery in the sector is forecast by the Construction Products Association next year the survey hints at a building human cost.

Other findings say 6% of workers suffer from depression,18% have problems getting quality sleep and 44% also reported feeling ‘fatigued’ or ‘very tired’ at least once per week.

Additionally physical health was taken into account, with 56% of workers eating a poor diet (i.e. not eating five portions of fruit and vegetables per day), 21% are considered obese, 50% have at least two types of musculoskeletal conditions and 37% get less than 150 minutes of activity per week.

The cumulative toll results in 42.3 days of productive time per year lost due to absence and presenteeism, the report states.

Across all UK industries, depression, fatigue and burnout have the greatest negative impact on productivity, with individuals at risk of the conditions losing 151%, 141% and 120% more productive days than those who do not report them.

This is within the context of an economic slowdown in the sector.

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Hassan Akhtar AIMMM