8 June 2022

Snow Lake form university mining collaboration

Two-year research agreement will give insight into Thompson Brothers Lithium Project site.

© Cytonn Photography/Unsplash

Canadian Mining company Snow Lake Resources, and the University of Manitoba, Canada, are collaborating to strengthen understanding of lithium deposits at its Thompson Brothers Lithium Project site in Manitoba.

Over the coming months, it will continue its engineering evaluation and drilling programme across the Thompson Brothers Lithium Project site, with the expectation that mining operations will transition to commercial production in late 2024.  

Led by Dr Mostafa Fayek from the University’s Faculty of Environment, Earth and Resources, the two-year research project between will provide insights into the company’s critical mineral inventory and most effective exploration strategies.

Dr Mostafa Fayek, from the University’s Faculty of Environment, Earth and Resources, said, 'This exciting project gives our students the opportunity to gain real world experience alongside Snow Lake Lithium’s experienced geologists. We hope that that our research will deliver significant information about the mineral inventory as well as identify a geochemical fingerprint for the lithium-rich pegmatites found across Snow Lake Lithium’s site which will help Canada establish its position at the forefront of lithium mining.'

Snow Lake Lithium is developing the world’s first all-electric Lithium mine to enable domestic supply to the North America electric vehicle industry. The 55,000-acre site is expected to produce 160,000t of 6% lithium spodumene a year over a 10-year period. Currently, Snow Lake Lithium has explored around 1% of its site, with further exploration planned.