18 November 2022

Second consultation of the Built Environment Carbon Database is open

The second consultation of the Built Environment Carbon Database (BECD) is open in conjunction with the call for evidence of the UK Net Zero Carbon Building Standard (UK NZCBS) initiative.

Image of London building skyline
© Viktor Forgacs/Unsplash

The second consultation period is to end on 16 December, it opened 3 November. 

The BECD is an initiative led by a consortium of UK professional bodies and organisations. It aims to align reporting practices and bring together existing data in a single location that is free to access, easy to use and can act as the main UK platform to store carbon assessments and generate carbon benchmarks.

Now BECD have improved the data structure based on the feedback received following the first consultation this summer they are going onto the second consultation. During this stage you can access a beta version of the entity section of BECD.

This beta version is empty and limited to the “data input” functionality. Data analysis and benchmarking functionalities are not available, as they are still in development.

Feedback can be provided through a short survey. This feedback will be used to make the final adjustments on the interface and data structure of the entity section of BECD.

For more information on the project, please view: Built Environment Carbon Database (becd.co.uk)