30 November 2022
by Sarah Morgan

Second borehole test approved in nuclear waste disposal project

Existing boreholes at Rosemanowes Quarry, Cornwall, UK, have been successfully sealed by Nuclear Waste Services (NWS), as part of a vital research project for the safe and permanent disposal of higher activity radioactive waste.

© Nuclear Waste Services

In the search for a suitable site for a Geological Disposal Facility (GDF), drilling and sealing boreholes will be key.

The GDF developer, NWS, is conducting a £5mln project to investigate and demonstrate to regulators its approach for deep borehole sealing. 

A GDF will make a major contribution to the environment by safely and finally disposing of waste, which otherwise would have to be stored and maintained for thousands of years above ground. 

The UK search for a suitable site is a nationwide process based on community consent. Community Partnerships are engaging in a dialogue with local people to ensure they have access to information about what hosting a GDF might mean.

During the process of exploring if a site is suitable to host a GDF, deep boreholes will be drilled to investigate the geology of the location. NWS will then need to seal these boreholes to minimise impact on the environment. 

‘The aim of this research project is to demonstrate the process we plan to use for sealing deep boreholes during future investigations into potential sites for a geological disposal facility.’ Says Professor Simon Norris, Principal Research Manager at NWS.


Sarah Morgan