13 January 2023
by Sarah Morgan

Report into Australia’s carbon sequestration potential

Australian carbon sequestration potential has been explored in a report, prepared for the Climate Change Authority and Clean Energy Regulator.

© Photo by Lidya Nada on Unsplash

Led by CSIRO's Towards Net Zero Mission and CarbonLock Future Science Platform the report highlights the opportunities capturing and storing atmospheric carbon dioxide can play in helping Australia reach net-zero.

It brings together scientists with expertise across a range of nature-based and engineered sequestration technologies.

The report finds that nature-based technologies such as permanent plantings, farm forestry, and soil carbon currently provide significant potential; as does Australia's vast geological storage capacity.

Biochar, mineral carbonation and DAC have significant sequestration potential, but have higher costs.

This report will inform an Insights Paper on carbon sequestration being published by the Climate Change Authority.