2 February 2023
by Hassan Akhtar

Quantum materials network forms

The Materials for Quantum Network (M4QN) was set up to unite the UK materials research base and the quantum industry.

© Unsplash/Norbert Kowalczyk

The network aims to enhance the developing materials network in the quantum sector by cementing understanding of materials science and providing solutions to the problems the sector faces.

It has backing from 100 researchers from over 25 universities, as well as the four National Quantum Technologies Programme Hubs, the Henry Royce Institute, the National Physical Laboratory, and materials and industry representatives.

M4QN is co-led by Professor Richard Curry at the University of Manchester, UK, and Professor Peter Haynes, Imperial College London, UK, with the latter stating 'The Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council Materials for Quantum Network is a timely opportunity to harness the UK’s materials research community in addressing the needs of the national quantum programme to develop mature technologies that are sufficiently usable, reliable and cost-effective to take to market.'



Hassan Akhtar