10 November 2023
by Alex Brinded

Nuclear fusion body reviews challenges to expanding workforce

The Fusion Cluster says the sector should learn from other STEM industries for recruitment.

Interior of the MAST Upgrade spherical tokamak © UK Atomic Energy Authority

Workforce requirements are inextricably linked with technological progress and investment, making it difficult to predict exactly how many roles are required and when, says the Fusion Cluster.

The industry body's report - Growing the fusion workforce: challenges and opportunities for the future - also recommends that to mature faster, the sector should learn from other STEM industries with the same challenges.

The Fusion Cluster brings together businesses, academia, investors and government agencies to get to fusion faster - and is funded by the UK Atomic Energy Authority.

The body says that the report is intended as a conversation starter to catalyse the transition to fusion as the UK sector moves from research to building commercial power plants.

Another key finding is that apprentice programmes are crucial and a targeted communication plan is essential to entice recruits.

It also highlights the lack of diversity as a missed opportunity for UK fusion and that focusing on skills rather than jobs will allow the sector to draw from more recruits.

The UK Government will invest £56mln to a fusion skills programme, part of Fusion Futures - the UK's alternative programme to Euratom R&T.

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Alex Brinded

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