21 April 2022

NMA Lunchtime Seminar: Focus on Breathable Building Materials

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You are invited to join us for our monthly virtual event where we will focus on breathable building materials. This event will explore how clay and other natural materials can be used to create a range of low-carbon non-cementitious, as we work towards building a future where sustainable construction is part of the mainstream market.


 You will hear from:

Giovanni Pesce will talk about non-cementitious binders

Can the construction industry begin a new era characterised by a larger use of low-carbon non-cementitious binders? What are the possible alternatives currently available? Is lime a real alternative to Portland cement? This talk will provide an overview on the possible use of non-cementitious binders in constructions within the next 5-10 years.

Thomas Robinson will talk about Adaptavate

Tom will share a brief history of Adaptavate and his work leading to this point. He will also share some of the ways that they have collaborated with UoB in Innovate UK co-funded projects to bring thier system shifting ideas to the mainstream market. 

Dan Maskell will talk about the future of sustainable construction

Within this talk, Dan we draw on the research projects he has been a part of and led to discuss the Future of Sustainable Construction. The construction and use of buildings is responsible for approximately half of the UK’s carbon footprint and its estimated that we have only 10 years left to act on climate change before it is too late. Will Dan have the Answer?

Fionn McGregor will talk about clay based materials

Clay based building materials such as cob, rammed earth or compressed earth bricks are naturally porous and hygroscopic. They may exchange important quantities of vapour with the indoor environment, influencing the thermal performance and the mechanical performance of the building material. If used properly, such materials can improve the comfort in the living environment. In this talk, I will present the mechanisms involved and how they can impact the indoor comfort. 



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