24 March 2023
by Sarah Morgan

Newmont to investigate direct air capture from tailings

Newmont will explore the rapid electrochemical mineralisation to form dolomite (REMineD) approach for sequestering carbon in mine tailings

© Newmont

The company will work as a partner with the National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL), the US. Department of Energy’s primary national laboratory for renewable energy and energy efficiency research and development.

Newmont is the primary mining partner in this three-year US$4.38 million R&D project.

REMineD work will help advance development of carbon dioxide removal technologies.

Sequestered in tailings, carbonate minerals can be converted into durable products that replace CO2 intensive concrete used in construction.

The resources developed by REMineD can be deployed onsite at remote mining locations.

Newmont say using this process will result in a) faster and more efficient ways to develop the dolomite aggregate from a wide variety of tailings, b) additional revenue streams from further recovery of valuable rare earth elements, and c) the production of more sustainable building materials.

Newmont’s Director of Processing, Frank Roberto, says CCUS in tailings supports a long-term direction for the mining industry: 'Waste rock and tailings are the largest component of residues from our mining operations, and the work for direct air capture of CO2 through tailings carbonation provides a unique opportunity to reduce our and others’ emissions throughout the value chain.'

The NREL will lead this collaborative work, consisting of multiple partners and research institutes.