11 April 2022

New IOM3 Technical Community structure launched

IOM3 has launched its new Technical Community structure, part of a series of governance changes designed to modernise the Institute and further improve member services

As part of the IOM3 Governance Modernisation, a review took place last year into how our Technical Communities operate and are structured.  These are specialist groups representing the various disciplines across IOM3, providing technical networks and a way for members to specify their interests.

Each Technical Community group is led by a group of volunteers who steer the technical activity, delivering content, events, networking and professional development opportunities for members. As of the end of 2021, there were 40 groups, with a range of different names (groups, associations, divisions, committees), variable branding and inconsistent governance. The review highlighted a lack of consistency and the fact that the large number of groups led to too much choice.

The new structure has 22 Technical Community groups, including two new groups – Materials Processing & Manufacturing and Materials Properties & Characterisation. The new group names and branding are consistent with the overall IOM3 visual identity, and each group has a leadership group comprising a chair and up to 15 IOM3 members who will steer activities against a range of objectives to deliver benefits to members.

View a list of the new Technical Community groups.Each group has a new, refreshed web page with news and information relevant to the group’s sector and subject areas.

See more details of the Technical Communities review

IOM3 members are encouraged to log into their website account and review and update their technical community preferences to ensure that they are provided with appropriate communications and information. Please log in to edit your prefences 

For queries regarding the Technical Community groups please use our contact form.