17 November 2023
by Sarah Morgan

Natural hydrogen found in Lorraine mining basin

Française de l'Energie (FDE) has discovered significant concentrations of natural hydrogen in a previously drilled well in the Lorraine mining basin, France.

FDE found the white hydrogen in a disused mine in the Lorraine coal basin in the Grand Est region of North-East France © MeloDPhoto / Shutterstock

The FDE reports a measured concentration of 15% at a depth of 1,093m and an estimated concentration of 98% at a depth of 3,000m.

Future measurement campaigns are planned to assess more precisely the potential for exploiting this resource and to enrich studies on the mechanisms of formation, transfer and production of white hydrogen in the geological context of Lorraine.

FDE has applied for an exclusive mining exploration permit known as the ‘Trois-Évêchés permit’ for the exploration of natural hydrogen in the basin.

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