16 February 2021

More required from metalwork sector to encourage next generation, survey finds

Study shows not enough being done to attract young people.

© Pete Wright/Unsplash

A study of UK metalworking professionals suggests the sector is falling short of its efforts to entice the next generation of workers.

Of the 100 people surveyed, 80% said not enough is being done to encourage young people to take up a career in sector.

The survey also highlighted core regions struggling to recruit talent more than others, with Scotland’s welding industry finding it tough to fill nearly 40% of its vacancies. On the opposite end of the spectrum, the north west is exceling in this area experiencing incredibly high demand for jobs in the sector.

Furthermore, 76% surveyed believe there are fewer younger people entering the metalworking sector year-on-year, while 42% believe the skills shortage will have the biggest impact on the future of the industry, with 74% confirming it’s a serious issue that must be tackled.

‘With almost half of those surveyed believing that the skills shortage will be the greatest thing to impact the industry, it’s clear that more must be done at all levels of the sector to support emerging talent and attract the next generation of metalworkers.’ says Raphael Rudolph, managing director of FEIN UK, who commissioned the report.

‘If combating this issue does not take precedence for businesses moving forward, many fear their industry (and skillset) will soon become extinct, as high levels of skilled professionals continue to retire each year, with not nearly enough individuals entering the sector to fill the growing gap.’

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