16 December 2022
by Alex Brinded

Mining industry urged to focus on ESG

Authors of a report into mining say that the industry has the opportunity to be the 'hero not the villain' of the global energy transition.

woman in a hard hit with an open cast mine in the background
© fiscuk / unsplash

The key findings are from a survey of global mining sector decision-makers published by specialist mining consultants, Stratum International, and independent ESG accreditors, Digbee.

The authors also claim that without robust environmental, social and governance (ESG) strategies sector investment will continue to be poor.

The survey of mining professionals from 29 countries suggests that although ESG has become a key discipline within the industry, it is still not deemed important by 2% of respondents. 

According to the report, tackling climate change and biodiversity loss come lower on the list of ESG factors for many mining businesses.

It also highlights what it says is a concerning lack of focus on gender and diversity despite a sector that is widely perceived as a male-only environment. The issue is deemed the 'least important' social priority for mining companies over the next two years.

'The mining industry has a unique opportunity to set a new standard for ESG globally and be seen as a hero rather than a villain,' says Will Coetzer, Founder and Director at Stratum International.


Alex Brinded

Staff Writer