24 August 2022

Materials Open Research publishes first articles and welcomes submissions

The accessible publishing platform Materials Open Research issues its first articles and continues to call for submissions.


Materials research underpins many significant technologies which have and are set to revolutionise society. IOM3 members are uniquely placed to create a positive change towards a more circular economy with our awareness of materials, minerals and mining related disciplines whilst drawing on evidence-based research.

Materials Open Research (MOR) is an accessible research publishing platform for professionals working in materials science. All articles benefit from rapid publication, transparent peer review and editorial guidance on making source data openly available.

MOR offers open research publishing and peer review to ensure that industry experts can publish and share their work in an accessible way which is free for anyone to read. The new platform by Taylor & Francis in partnership with F1000, enables researchers to be the first adopters of a more open and transparent approach to publishing.

As well as research articles, MOR features:

  • Data notes
  • Software tools
  • Method articles
  • Brief reports
  • Opinion articles

Users can also contribute to several newly launched collections on the platform, which enable thematic research, conference outputs and community projects to be curated in one place. The collections launched so far are Biobased Materials for Additive Manufacturing, Designing Materials for a Circular Economy and Multi-Materials Additive Manufacturing.

IOM3 has a dedicated gateway on the platform, enabling members to share a variety of research outputs - https://materialsopenresearch.org/iom3

For any questions about publishing papers please contact F1000.

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