7 December 2022
by Hassan Akhtar

Malta launches deposit return scheme

The Mediterranean country becomes the first in the region to launch such a scheme.

Valletta, Malta © Photo by Ferenc Horvath on Unsplash

The scheme is operated by the Beverage Container Refund Scheme Malta Ltd and is modelled on the system set up by the Slovakian smart waste management company, Sensoneo.

The chief executive of BCRS Malta, Edward Chetcuti, said “We are proud of being the first Mediterranean country to take on this challenge”.

The DRS has widened the opportunity to recycle in the country by increasing the price of single-use containers by 0.10 euro and covering more materials like aluminium and steel cans, through to glass and PET bottles. Many more recycle centres have also been introduced with over 320 reverse vending machines (RVM), 60 recycling hubs and collection points next to retailers.

The hope is to increase recycling rates in the country to 90%. Peter Knaz, Sensoneo, says, 'The RVM network in Malta is very impressive. Although it is quite a small country, the population density especially in the summer season is very high. Therefore I believe it is smart to put RVM in almost every square kilometre so it is as convenient as possible for the people to return their cans and bottles.'

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Hassan Akhtar