5 October 2021

IOM3 supports #MakeItEasy campaign

As an associate member of On-Pack Recycling Label (OPRL), IOM3 has signed its #MakeItEasy campaign focused on changing the law on recycling labels to make it easier to recycle.

The campaign aims to ask the Government to legislate for a single label for recycling in the Environment Bill. OPRL said consumers consistently complained that they were confused as to what could and could not be recycled.

The Bill would bring in mandatory recycling labelling on all packaging but would allow any business or labelling scheme to decide its own design. OPRL argued that this would inevitably lead to a proliferation of labels and creating more confusion. 

A single label for every brand and retailer makes sense, and one existing label already stands out. Like a traffic sign, it directs you to take the right action. Like a clothing label, it helps you make the right choice. We think all packaging should bear the same clear and consistent recycling labels.

Margaret Bates FIMMM, Executive Director at OPRL and member of the Packaging Group board said, ‘A single label for every brand and retailer makes sense, which is why leading retailers and brands came together to form OPRL in 2009. Our labels are already on millions of products and seen every day by consumers. The UN Environment Programme, Consumers International and the Environmental Coalition on Standards have all cited OPRL labels as global good practice, so why settle for anything less?’