6 August 2020
by Natalie Daniels

IOM3 publishes 2019 Annual Report

The Institute has published its Annual Report and Financial Statements for 2019. The report highlights the Institute's 150th anniversary celebrations, covering all departments, local societies and technical communities. The report also features IOM3 award winners and events.

2019 was a year of celebration and change as we marked 150 years since the formation of the Iron and Steel Institute – with a series of commemorative events and activities and the beginning of term for Dr Colin Church as Chief Executive and Professor Serena Best as President.

This year, IOM3 implemented important changes to modernise our governance and decision making. We also started, and successfully completed the first phase of, a major digital transformation project. 

This annual report reflects the work, aims and objectives of 2019. The global pandemic has had a significant impact on the operations for IOM3 for 2020 including financial reports, events schedule and venue hire. The report details plans and operations prior to the pandemic and therefore this has not been reflected in the report. The full impact of COVID-19 for IOM3 will be published in the 2020 report.

2019 Annual Report



Natalie Daniels