30 January 2024
by Tia Byer

IOM3 journals move to Sage

Sage Publications Ltd becomes the new home for IOM3 journals.

© Sylvia Yang/Unsplash

The transfer of the IOM3 journal portfolio from Taylor & Francis to Sage Publications Ltd, has successfully taken place, see the full announcement.

The IOM3 refereed journals cover a range of disciplines, from composites and corrosion to mining and tribology.

IOM3 members can access the portfolio through the institute’s website via My IOM3 (please login and click on the ‘Access publications’ page in the side menu).

In addition to free portfolio access, members can subscribe to print copies of the journals at a reduced rate and also have full, free online access to over 50 peer-reviewed journals from Sage’s wider engineering collection.

The open-access journal Heat Treatment and Surface Engineering which is jointly owned by IOM3, Shanghai Jiao Tong University and the Chinese Heat Treatment Society will continue to be published by T&F and so has not been affected by the transfer.

Please direct any questions or queries regarding the terms of the new publishing agreement to IOM3 Journal Relationship Manager, Tia Byer. For any technical queries regarding membership access please contact Digital Media Manager, Richard Cooper.



Tia Byer

Journals Relationship Manager, IOM3