30 October 2023
by Alex Brinded

Hong Kong announces ban on various plastic items

The Hong Kong Product Eco-responsibility Bill regulates disposable plastic tableware and other plastic products.

© Padraig Treanor / unsplash

The Hong Kong Government has passed an Amendment Bill that prohibits the sale of nine types of disposable plastic tableware, and prohibits catering premises from providing customers with these products.

Implementation will occur across two phases.

In the first, expanded polystyrene tableware (EPS) and four other types of disposable plastic tableware that are small or difficult to recycle or where there are mature alternatives will be banned.

Some disposable plastic products will also be banned from free distribution, such as disposable toiletries and in-room plastic bottled water for free in hotel rooms.

While other products will be banned from sales as well, including cotton buds, balloon sticks, glow sticks and party hats.

The government say the amendment is expected to be implemented on 1 July 2024.



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Alex Brinded

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