21 May 2022

Hinkley – better late than never

A review of the schedule and cost for the two Hinkley Point C reactors has been finalised and released.

EDF Tower, Paris
© Léo Léo/Unsplash

In February this year, EDF said that it would review the cost and schedule of Hinkley Point C, taking account of the continuing impact of the Covid-19 pandemic, current economic challenges and site construction progress.

The start of electricity generation for Unit 1 is now targeted for June 2027, the risk of further delay of the two units is assessed at 15 months, assuming the absence of a new pandemic wave and no additional effects of the war in Ukraine.

Project completion costs are estimated in the range of £25bln to £26bln, a £3bln increase. Under the terms of the Contract for Difference, there is no impact for UK consumers or taxpayers.

During more than two years of the Covid-19 pandemic, people, resources and the supply chain were severely constrained says EDF. In addition, the quantities of materials and engineering as well as the cost of such activities, in particular marine works have risen.

The next major project milestone is the lifting of the dome on Unit 1, forecast for the second quarter of 2023.