6 July 2022
by Alex Brinded

UK Government's Phase 2 of fuel switching competition

A hydrogen supply event will precede the launch of Phase 2.

© Erik Mclean / unsplash

The Department for Business, Energy & Industrial Strategy are hosting a hydrogen supply event on 12 July to launch Phase 2 of the £55mln Fuel Switching Programme (IFS).

The IFS will support innovation in the development of pre-commercial fuel and associated technology, to assist industry switching from high to lower carbon fuels.

Funding will be awarded through Small Business Research Initiative contracts, with 100% for pre-commercial solutions.

Phase 1 feasility projects started in March 2022 and are due for completion in September 2022, while the Phase 2 demonstration competition is expected to be open in late 2022 for applications.

There will be £1mln-6mln available per project.

Find our more about the BEIS hydrogen supply event



Alex Brinded

Staff Writer