22 November 2022
by Sarah Morgan

UK Government launches artificial intelligence for decarbonisation programme

The AI for Decarbonisation Programme, backed by £1.5mln in funding, forms part of the government’s £1bln Net Zero Innovation Portfolio.

© DeepMind/Unsplash

It comprises separate streams of grant funding to be launched in two initial stages.  

Stream 1, worth up to £500,000, will co-fund a virtual centre of excellence on artificial intelligence (AI) innovation and decarbonisation through to March 2025. Stream 2, worth up to £1mln, will fund innovation projects that further the development of AI technologies to support decarbonisation. 

Later in 2023, the government intends to make additional funding available to support priority areas in AI innovation identified by the virtual centre of excellence as being critical for achieving net-zero. 

The programme opens for applications today and closes on 19 January 2023. Applications can be made through the AI for Decarbonisation funding page here.

The programme builds on ideas developed in the National AI Strategy published last year, which set out the ways AI can support the UK in meeting its decarbonisation targets



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