4 October 2022

Government call for evidence in net-zero review

The government has launched a four-week call for evidence seeking views on how the UK can reduce carbon emissions in a way that is economically efficient.


This is the first formal stage of the three-month net-zero review commissioned by the Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy (BEIS) Secretary of State. Chaired by Chris Skidmore, the review aims to scrutinise delivery of the net-zero commitments in a way that boosts economic growth and energy security.

Questions include:

  • How does net-zero enable us to meet our economic growth target of 2.5% a year?
  • What challenges and obstacles have you identified to decarbonisation?
  • What opportunities are there for new/amended measures to stimulate or facilitate the transition to net-zero in a way that is pro-growth and/or pro-business?
  • What more could government do to support businesses, consumers and other actors to decarbonise?
  • Where and in what areas of policy focus could net-zero be achieved in a more economically efficient manner?
  • How many green jobs do you estimate will be created in your sector by 2030?
  • How can we ensure that we seize the benefits from future innovation and technologies?

The review promises to consider how the UK’s approach to net-zero can:

  • Deliver maximum economic growth and investment, driving opportunities for private investment, jobs, innovation, exports, and growth right across the UK.
  • Support UK energy security and affordability for consumers and business and the need to rapidly increase and strengthen UK energy production and supply.
  • Minimise costs borne by businesses and consumers, particularly in the short-term.

Professionals in materials, minerals and mining will play a vital role in enabling and driving the transition to a low-carbon, resilient and resource efficient society across a breadth of sectors. IOM3 members are therefore extremely well placed to provide evidence to this call. To inform the IOM3 contribution, please contact [email protected]

The review will produce a report including a set of recommendations which will be submitted to the BEIS Secretary of State by the end of December 2022.