23 September 2022
by Dr Diane Aston

Flashy Science

A virtual laboratory to support 11-18 learning

FlashyScience offers a range of virtual experiments and resources that support school science and engineering learning, with many focussing on aspects of Materials. All of these are now available free to schools, teachers, students, tutors, home educators - basically, anyone or any organisation involved in under-18's education. The experiments have a real-world feel that requires students to measure, plot and analyse their own data, while contending with measurement uncertainty. Experiments are linked to GCSE and A-level curricula but often allow students to explore more widely. The experiments work in standard browsers (no downloads necessary) and are supported by instructions, quick guides, video guides, background theory, and print-out activity sheets and worksheets. Subscription is easy (see how easy here) and can be done from this link.

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Dr Diane Aston

Dr Diane Aston

Head of Education & Professional Development, IOM3