16 November 2021

Firms work together towards zero emission Australian mining targets

Newmont and Caterpillar team up on automation-led project.

Autonomous haulage system control room, Boddington, Western Australia © Business Wire)

Newmont and Caterpillar are collaborating to deliver a fully connected, automated, zero-carbon emitting, end-to-end mining system in Australia.

Under the agreement, Newmont plans to provide a preliminary investment of $100mln as the companies set initial automation and electrification goals for surface and underground mining infrastructures and haulage fleets at Newmont’s Cripple Creek and Victor mine in Colorado and the Tanami mine in Northern Territory, Australia.

An automated haulage fleet of up to 16 vehicles at Cripple Creek is planned through 2023, with a transition to haulage fleet electrification and implementation of Caterpillar’s advanced electrification and infrastructure system with delivery of a test fleet in 2026.

At Tanami, Caterpillar will develop its first battery electric zero emissions underground truck to be deployed by 2026. The deployment includes a fleet of up to 10 battery electric underground haul trucks, supported by Caterpillar’s advanced electrification and infrastructure system.