12 April 2022
by Dr Chris Hamlett

Discover Materials website launched

Raising the profile of Materials Science & Engineering.

The Discover Materials group is a working group made of ten UK universities who aim to raise the profile of materials science and engineering (MSE) as both a career and degree choice.

The new website (www.discovermaterials.co.uk ), developed in partnership with the Henry Royce Institute, will act as a gateway for students and both their families and teachers to find out more about how relevant MSE is in their everyday lives by providing relevant information, activities and resources. These resources includes ones developed by Discover Materials or are existing, high quality online resources on other websites.

The website will also provide information about upcoming events that Discover Materials are involved with, such as the Big Bang Festival, and information about the people, and other partners, involved in Discover Materials, with particular focus on the Discover Materials Ambassadors. They are generally early stage researchers who can go into schools and deliver outreach activities. The Ambassadors also have their own profile page so that school students can access a variety of real life accounts of how people have made it working in materials science and engineering.

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Dr Chris Hamlett

Discover Materials National Outreach Officer, Henry Royce Institute