27 March 2024
by Alex Brinded

Direct air capture agreement for Lego Group

The LEGO Group is investing in carbon removal services through direct air capture and storage to reduce its emissions.

Climeworks' direct-air-capture plant in Iceland
© 2022, Climeworks

The nine-year, US$2.4mln agreement from the toy maker will help Climeworks to scale up its direct air capture and storage (DAC+S) technology.

The LEGO Group is targeting a reduction of absolute greenhouse gas emissions (Scope 1, 2 & 3) by 37% by 2032 compared to 2019.

Climeworks says it opened the world's first DAC+S commercial plant, called Orca in Iceland in 2021.

Carbon dioxide is captured from the air through a filter and then injected deep underground to be transformed into stone by its partner Carbfix.

Its second site, also in Iceland, is planned to open in May 2024 to capture up to 36,000t a year when fully operational. The heat and electricity comes from a geothermal power plant.



Alex Brinded

Staff Writer