3 June 2024
by Alex Brinded

Career roadmap for technicians unveiled

The University of Sheffield, UK, has launched a technician roadmap for career progression to celebrate its 700-plus technicians.

© nci / unsplash

This aims to tackle the long-standing issue of inconsistent job titles, a lack of clear career paths and limited recognition.

The university say it is one of only a handful of UK universities to have implemented a career route for technical staff.

These staff help implement technologies, solve research problems and manage facilities, develop industry partnerships, support teachers and produce events.

The university says this transparency helps both employees and managers with better recognised technical careers that have standardised job titles and grade profiles.

The framework was informed using insight from current technicians, funding from Research England, and is intended to help tackle an ageing workforce.

Ian Wright, Director of HR and Chair of the University of Sheffield Technical Leadership Group, says, 'This is a nationwide challenge in higher education and we hope that by bringing more consistency and focus to technical careers, we can better support and develop technical talent and expertise.'

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Alex Brinded

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