10 July 2024
by Sarah Morgan

Bid for UK battery recycling

The UK's Faraday Institution has published new guidance on developing a national lithium-ion battery recycling industry.

Improved waste battery recycling is an important infrastructure step towards a net-zero future according to the Faraday Institute. Pictured: Close-up view of various used disposable alkaline batteries showcasing a mix of types (C AA AAA D 9V) and sizes

© Dmitry Naumov/Shutterstock

The Faraday Institution believes the move will encourage the battery supply chain to locate in the UK and spur innovation.

They have published Faraday Insight 20: Developing a UK lithium-ion battery recycling industry.

They highlight that the UK Battery Strategy sets out the claim for cost-effective and efficient battery recycling in the UK.

The insight report outlines the size of the global recycling market, the key recycling processes and the economics of battery recycling, particularly the challenges involved in retaining the value of recycled materials.

The developments in the UK and European recycling industry, along with the opportunities and challenges for the UK to establish itself as a leading battery recycling location are also highlighted.

They state in the insight, ‘At present, recycling is a labour-intensive process, with costs heavily dependent on factors such as battery chemistry, commodity prices and recovery efficiency. Developing and implementing advanced recycling technologies and processes should increase efficiency, reduce costs and help foster a circular domestic battery economy’.

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