21 December 2022
by Hassan Akhtar

Avery Dennison switches to reusable plastic pallets

The reusable plastic pallets could save 819t of CO2 emissions says packaging partner Tosca.

A pile of pallets

© Unsplash/rhsupplies

Avery Dennison, a label and functional materials manufacturer, has partnered with Tosca, a reusable plastic packaging provider, in a deal that covers a supply chain across the EU, UK, Norway, Switzerland and Turkey.

The pooling service operated by Tosca allows for constant reuse of the plastic pallets. They are sent out for use in stores from Tosca sites, eventually returning for cleaning and inspection before being redeployed.

Violeta Gómez, central packaging leader at Avery Dennison, says ‘The pooling programme has been a massive success in Ireland and is helping us to reduce our carbon footprint and eliminate waste within the supply chain. Customers appreciate the fact that plastic pallets offer standard quality: they are cleaner (dust-free) and with less risk of damaging their products’.

The change will phase in gradually in 2023.


Hassan Akhtar