16 November 2020

Maintaining bridges with AI

Suffolk County, NY, USA, will be maintaining the health of bridges via an artificial intelligence (AI) pilot study.

Cyclist on bridge
© Matthew Henry/Unsplash

International company Dynamic Infrastructure is deploying its maintenance technology solution across 74 bridges in the Long Island county in a pilot project with the Public Works Department of New York’s Suffolk County. The deep-learning solution is said to allow bridge and tunnel owners and operators to obtain visual diagnosis of assets they manage, to reduce direct and indirect maintenance costs.

According to the American Society of Civil Engineers, which evaluates and publishes a report card on American infrastructure every four years, the country’s infrastructure included 56,000 bridges classified as being ‘structurally deficient'.

The Suffolk County deployment is intended to improve prioritisation of maintenance. Other projects are also taking place elsewhwere in the USA as well as in Germany, Switzerland, Greece, and Israel.