2 June 2023
by Sarah Morgan

Absolut paper based bottle

Absolut are introducing their first-ever Absolut Paper Bottle prototype with industry partners.

© Absolut Vodka

Absolut Vodka is embarking on a three-month test for its single-mould paper bottle – sold in British supermarket chain, Tesco – a milestone on its journey to create a 100% bio-based bottle.

Their prototypes are made of recyclable content, 57% paper and 43% plastic.

The plastic makes up a thin layer within the bottle, which can be successfully recycled after use.

While standard glass bottles are also recyclable, paper bottles are eight times lighter and easier to carry.

This is the first time such paper-based bottles will have been sold commercially in-store by a global spirits company and follow some previous tests by Absolut at festivals in the UK and Sweden.

The paper bottle initiative is part of a wider collaboration with Paboco (the Paper Bottle Company) and their community of global brands, The Coca-Cola Company, Carlsberg, P&G and L’Oréal.

The trial aims to gain insights from consumers, retailers and supply chain partners to inform the next steps on Absolut’s innovation journey towards a commercially viable, fully bio-based bottle.

Absolut will test how the paper-based bottle transports and how consumers perceive it. 

Unlike the initial pilots which were for Absolut Mixt ready-to-drink, which had low ABVs (5%), this bottle will be tested using the higher 40% ABV of Absolut Vodka.

The 500ml-sized single-mould paper bottles will be sold in 22 Tesco stores (RRP £16) across Greater Manchester throughout the summer.

Elin Furelid, Director of Future Packaging at Absolut, says: 'This is a step closer towards our vision of a fully bio-based bottle. We are exploring packaging that has a completely different value proposition. Paper is tactile; it’s beautiful; it’s authentic; it’s light. That was our starting point. But this is not just an idea on paper.'

It represents a milestone towards Absolut becoming a carbon neutral product by 2030.

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