12 February 2024
by Alex Brinded

A sustainability reporting standard for mining

A standard for mining companies to report sustainable development has been developed by the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI).

© omid roshan/unsplash

GRI: Mining Sector 2024 addresses the need for consistent, granular and complete reporting on mining's imacts and contributions to sustainable development.

The GRI describes itself as an independent, international standards organisation.

The new Standard has been designed to reflect broad stakeholder expectations for transparency, to enable any mining company to use a common set of metrics for reporting those impacts.

GRI: Mining Sector 2024 enters into effect for reporting from 2026, with early adoption encouraged.

There was a public comment period for the 'exposure draft of the standard' in Spring 2023. The Global Sustainability Standards Board, who set the GRI Standards, have published their reponses to those.

The contents were developed involving expert peer reviewers.



Alex Brinded

Staff Writer