12 June 2024

20% of plastic wastes diverted in first year of EPR Act in the Philippines

The Philippines Government reports that businesses have met their target in the first year of implementing the Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) Act.

Manila, Phillipines © charlesdeluvio/unsplash

The EPR law requires businesses to conduct proper waste management of plastic packaging products, such as sachets, rigid plastic packaging products, plastic bags and polystyrene.

The country targeted recovery of plastic products by 20% in 2023, aiming for up to 80% by 2028.

The Department of Environment and Natural Resources reports that 20% of plastic wastes have been diverted by registered businesses.

Meanwhile, the Environmental Management Bureau reports that the number of businesses registered under the EPR programme has increased by 37%, or 917 companies, from 667 in 2023.

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