28 September 2023

11th International Symposium on Ground Freezing announces programme

Chairs of the International Organising Committee, Joe Sopko and Alan Auld personally invite you to attend.

The 11th International Symposium on Ground Freezing (ISGF23) is being held in London, UK on 10-12 October for only the second time since the start of the conference series in 1978, the first being at Nottingham in1988.

There are currently 58 refereed technical papers, plus a Keynote Address, in print for the Symposium Proceedings. The subject of ground freezing is very relevant in ground engineering for constructing shafts, tunnels and mining works in unstable and water bearing ground.

Topics covered include

  • Engineering design and case histories
  • Ground freezing to minimise environmental impacts
  • Frozen soil testing, frozen soil stress-strain behavior and parameters (instantaneous and long term), frozen soil creep
  • Soil/rock frozen and unfrozen thermal properties, frost susceptibility testing and criteria, frost heave, effects of salinity or contamination on frozen soil strength
  • Frost action in soils
  • Frozen earth structure design and analysis, ground freezing to preserve existing structures

Chairs of the International Organising Committee, Joe Sopko, Director-Ground Freezing, Keller-North America and Alan Auld, retired consultant personally invite you to attend, saying ‘This is an opportunity for academics, consultants and contractors to meet, discuss and network on all aspects of ground freezing.

Delegates are attending from nine different countries worldwide. This is your opportunity to attend a very influential Symposium on the subject of ground freezing. Registration is still open so don’t miss out’.

11th International Symposium on Ground Freezing

A forum for ground freezing practitioners from all over the world to meet and exchange ideas, theories, and project case histories.