6 December 2022
by Sarah Morgan

£0.5mln funding for hydrogen materials research

Cranfield University, UK, has been awarded over £0.5mln for a range of manufacturing projects, including three initiatives focused on how materials respond to hydrogen.

© Photo by Alicia Steels on Unsplash

The funding will cover a new facility to test water vapour corrosion, moving aviation to hydrogen power and platinum/iridium-free catalysts for carbon-free hydrogen generation. This could help accelerate the adoption of hydrogen-fuelled engines and assist industries with reaching net-zero carbon emissions.

With funding from The Henry Royce Institute through its Industrial Collaboration Programme, Cranfield’s specialist facilities in the Surface Engineering and Precision Centre (SEPC) are set to advance understanding of how materials behave and react with hydrogen, paving the way for wider hydrogen use.

The funding builds on Cranfield’s expertise in hydrogen research – the University’s Hydrogen Research Network brings together researchers covering the whole hydrogen supply chain.